“Almost anything can be justified as a style of filmmaking if it works”
– Doug Liman


Dark House (2018): In 2018, Italian film maker Niccolò Angeli and Alistair Rey traveled across continental Europe and the Mediterranean filming various settings. The clips were compiled into the short “Dark House.” Inspired by the works of Guy Maddin and surrealist movies like Un Chien Andalou, the short film was intended as both a “panoramic dirge” and testament to the “decay and violence of the everyday,” according to Angeli. When asked what he had taken away from working and traveling with Angeli, Rey remarked: “Angeli taught me many things while in Italy, the most important being it is perfectly acceptable to drink alcoholic beverages made almost exclusively from vermouth.”

Sightseeing (2018): The trailer for the short story by Alistair Rey appearing in the fiction anthology Transcendent (Transmundane Press). Shot in Budapest during a period of four days, the conceptual short follows Phoebe Sachs through the catacombs and cathedrals of the Hungarian capital, hinting at the dangers that await a young girl with a desire to “see the world”  on her own.