Fiction and Essays


Known Publications by Alistair Rey since 2014

“Sightseeing,” appearing in the anthology Transcendent (Transmundane Press, Fall 2018)

“An Autumn Settling,”  appearing in Weirdbook (Fall 2018)

“The Artist’s Apartment,” Suspense Unimagined: An Anthology of Suspense, Thrillers, and Nightmares (Left  Hand Publishers, 2018)

“Jorge The Young,” Rabid Oak, 8 (October 2018)

“Regeneration,” Home Sweet Home: A Millhaven Anthology (Millhaven Press, 2018)

“Montauk’s Design,” The Berkeley Fiction Review, 38 (2018)

“A World of Eternal Silence,” The Lowestoft Chronicle, 32 (December 2017)

“Off The Beaten Path,” Rumble Fish Quarterly (Fall 2017)

“The Big Idea” Juked (March 2017)

“Politics Without A Key,” Analiza București (2015)

“Here Feel We the Childing Autumn,” The Parenthetical Review (Summer 2014)

“The Amateur’s Guide to Metacinema,” Sleet Magazine, 6:1 (Spring 2014)

Unverified Publications

“What Me Worry? Alfred E. Neumen, Heidegger and the New Politics of Ontology,” Der neue Philosoph (2015)

“Helmut Leike: Eine Philosophie der Verzweiflung,” Der Zeitgenosse, eine monatliche Zeitschrift (November 2014)